Below you will find some downloadable contact we have put together to help you to get a better understanding of the solutions and services that I.T. Alliance Group offer to our customers.

I.T. Alliance Resourcing – Our Secret Sauce

We spill the beans on the secret to our Flexible Resourcing Engine – get “Our Secret Sauce” to discover how we go about getting the right people in the right place at the right time for Ireland’s top enterprises.

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Project Management Office Set Up

I.T. Alliance has been setting up Project Management Offices (PMOs) for public and private sector organisations since 1997 delivering many benefits to our clients but ultimately allowing them to complete more projects each year with fewer resources

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Project Management Training Services

I.T. Alliance builds strategic alliances with professional ICT services organisations. We then work exclusively with these Alliance Partners, helping them to sell and deliver IT Projects and Services into their customer base.

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Project Management Capability Assessment Services

I.T. Alliance Project Management Capability Services are delivered in association with the Centre for Project Management at the University of Limerick, a recognised center for international best practice for project management.

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Capitalise on Your ITIL® Investment

I.T. Alliance’s cloud advisory, consulting and training services help organisations understand cloud computing and shows organisations how to yield the benefits and cost savings from cloud-based services.

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IT Managed Services Delivery

I.T. Alliance has a track record in the provision of quality, cost-effective outsourced IT managed service solutions, based on our proven Outsourced IT Managed Services framework and through our dedicated Service Management Office (SMO).

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Remote Monitoring and Management Services – ITIL and ISO20000 certified

Protect your business with an industry-accredited 24/7 proactive management service of your mission-critical systems.

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L&G case study

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IBM Desktop Rollout

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Professional Cloud Service Manager

The Professional Cloud Service Manager course is the world’s first course aimed at understanding how to manage cloud services. This course is a natural follow on to any ITIL certification and can be delivered both on-premise and off-premise.

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Cloud Advisory and Consulting Services

I.T. Alliance cloud advisory and consulting services help organisations understand cloud computing and shows organisations how to yield the benefits and cost savings from cloud computing and cloud-based services

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Cloud Essentials Training Services

Cloud Essentials is an introductory course that provides a basic understanding and awareness of the business and technical perspectives of cloud computing at a high level.

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Hybrid Cloud Solution in the Insurance Sector

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Cloud & Server Virtualisation Services

Our Cloud and Server Virtualisation and Transformation Services help customers to structure their programmes according to established industry best practice, and to subsequently deliver physical and virtual migrations using a proven methodology.

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Server Virtualisation Services

Server transformation through virtualisation provides improved cost of ownership and can deliver cost savings through a reduction in servers and resources, such as space, power and cooling.

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IT Managed Service Transition

I.T. Alliance offer an industry-based best practice methodology for transitioning I.T. services to our Alliance Partners’ brand, maintaining service levels while providing customer reassurance during the transition of services.

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Outsourced IT Managed Services

Managed Service providers are increasingly placed under pressure by customers to lower their costs, while at the same time increase the value and quality of the services that they provide. The mantra “do more with less” is now becoming a customer expectation.

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Flexible Resourcing Services

Ensuring the availability of skills and resources at the right time can cause unnecessary pain for a lot of I.T. managers, especially with the current focus on keeping permanent headcount to a minimum.

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Test & Risk Mitigation Services

Effective I.T. Testing is a crucial factor in achieving commercial success. Testing can represent as much as 40% of the cost of an I.T. project. As a result, business stakeholders are paying close attention to the return they are getting from this investment and insisting that industry best practice is central to the approach.

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Data Centre Transformation Services

Data Centre Transformation Projects are complex, often risky, high-profile projects that require thorough planning and precise execution skills. I.T. Alliance enables our partners and their end clients to avail of these skills as and when the need arises.

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