Our Approach

Invest, Design, Deliver and Support

We build long term, strategic partnerships with you.  We then work exclusively with you, helping you and your teams to design, sell and deliver IT projects and IT services into your customer base. Of critical importance, we do not sell I.T. consultancy, projects or service direct, so we never compete with our Partners.


We Invest with our Alliance Partners to create new business opportunities; we invest to extend our Alliance Partners delivery capabilities; we share risk by selling for our Alliance Partners, in their name; we help maximise their brand at every touch point.


We Design solutions for our Alliance Partners for their customers, in their name, blending our competency and solution components with our Alliance Partners product, service and solution offerings.


We Deliver solutions, based on our Alliance Partner's designs, which are owned by them whether developed with or without us; we take full responsibility for the entire solution delivery or the delivery of individual components; we deliver solutions with our Alliance Partners, for their customers, in their name.


We Support operations; to defined service levels; efficiently; effectively; proactively promoting and enhancing our Alliance Partners' brands with their customer; actively investing to extend the relationship; we run operations with our Alliance Partners, for their customers, in their name.

What Makes us Different


Our business model is innovative allowing strong alliances to be formed without the risk of creating a competitor in your accounts.


We sell, invest, design and offer solutions on behalf of our Alliance Partners. We have no other route to market. Our success is directly linked to yours.


We promote our Alliance Partners' brand, not our own. We sell and deliver to your customers, in your name.

Non competitive

We do not compete with our Alliance Partners in the areas we are engaged with them in.

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