Culture & Innovation


At I.T. Alliance, we pride ourselves on cultivating a friendly, welcoming environment where every employee becomes part of the team. Our teams work together effectively in a spirit of mutual cooperation meaning they achieve much more than they would alone. Our open-door policy means we have a flat organisation structure. Senior management sits across from interns which enables everyone to learn and collaborate across departments for the benefit of their own development and achievement of their goals.

We promote a culture of dynamism and innovation, which allows people to be creative and to excel. We embrace a strong ethos of self-improvement, and we strongly advocate continuous education, mentoring and the attainment of industry recognised certification. Key to our success is our ability to attract, develop and grow our staff. We are open and proactive when it comes to the needs of our people, and individuals at all levels are given as much responsibility and empowerment as possible.


Innovation happens every single day at I.T. Alliance.  But what does that mean? It means we’re always executing ideas which address specific challenges and achieves value for both the company and our customers. It’s about always finding a better way. It means bringing new products, services and ideas to market that solve real customer problems. It means process improvements that make what we do and what we offer our customers better, smarter, stronger, faster.

Innovation isn’t always about seismic changes and new product invention (most innovation within organisations (70%) involves incremental improvements to existing services, products and processes). It’s more about listening to our customers, using that feedback to make incremental improvements to our existing services, offerings, processes, communication mechanisms – these should be easier to implement as they are founded on customer feedback.

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