Maximise The Alliance

We design, sell, win and deliver – in your name.

The I.T. Alliance T2SA (Tier 2 Service Alliance) offering is unique in today’s market.

First of all, we build strategic alliances with our partners. We then work exclusively with these Partners, helping them to design, sell, win and deliver IT projects and services into and across their customer base.

We never compete with our Tier 1 partners in the areas we are engaged with them in.

Rather, we seamlessly integrate our teams into yours.

As far as your own customers are concerned, they will be dealing with the same tried and tested provider that they’ve come to depend on, but you will have the added flexibility of being able to call on a task force of over 500 IT, project management and business specialists – as and when the need arises.

For More Than 20 Years

Since 1997 we have perfected our T2SA model with the leading service providers and we have gone on to build a well-deserved reputation for absolute integrity and professionalism, conducting ourselves at all times in a manner demanded by the world’s leading outsourcers, organisations and brands.

In partnership with many of the most respected technology providers in the market, our aim is to create additional value for our Partners, identifying and developing new opportunities, new markets and new practices for you.

Our Team is Your Team

Our workforce is made up of some of the most highly-trained experts within their field, so partnering with I.T. Alliance is your guarantee of staying at the very forefront of both traditional and emerging technologies.

As our name suggests, we believe that a true alliance delivers a genuine Win-Win situation. Our Partners get to grow and develop their business at a much faster rate than would normally be possible, while our people get to work on an amazing variety of deeply challenging assignments, providing the levels of professional development which they demand.

I.T. Alliance Group offers a very broad range of solutions, designed to assist you in every facet of your operations, our solutions can provide the sort of winning alliance that can propel your business to the next level and beyond.

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