Demystifying the benefits of IT Contractors

It might be too optimistic to say we’re entering a post-Covid world but we’re certainly seeing the signs of a new post lockdown reality. Restrictions are lifting, key sectors are opening again. Confidence in the economy and recovery, while still conservative, is starting to show signs of growth with green shoots sprouting across core industries. Every company is planning their future in terms of returning to the office (or not), and investment and expansion strategies are being negotiated in boardrooms throughout the country. IT projects, once frozen, are now getting green lit and the talent management strategies required to drive these initiatives continue to be challenged by a disproportionate candidate pool i.e. supply being outflanked by demand.

The recruitment market is getting back to its pre-Covid levels and the fight for quality talent continues to put significant stress and strain on IT teams, project teams, talent acquisition teams and ultimately an organisation’s ability to meet its strategic goals and objectives. People really are at the heart of a company’s success, but getting these people is a highly competitive and time-consuming endeavour.

Does it need to be this tough? Are companies being too linear when it comes to recruitment? Does it have to be a zero-sum game? One company’s recruitment win is another company’s recruitment loss. This might be true when it comes to full-time or permanent employees but diminishes the role and benefits of incorporating a contractor approach into your talent acquisition strategy.

The most common myths about an IT contractor strategy:

  1. It’s a significantly more expensive approach.
  2. There’s less certainty in resource planning.
  3. Contractors are less committed to your success and company goals than permanent employees.

There are many more myths and misconceptions about contractors but the above three capture the main perceptions. So, let’s demystify these and I’m sure you’ll be building contractors into your talent strategy ASAP.