Company Ethos

At I.T. Alliance, we pride ourselves on cultivating a friendly, welcoming environment where every employee becomes part of the team. Our teams work together effectively in a spirit of mutual cooperation meaning they achieve much more than they would alone. Our open door policy means we have a flat organisation structure. Senior management sit across from interns which enables everyone to learn and collaborate across departments for the benefit of their own development and achievement of their goals.

We promote a culture of dynamism and innovation, which allows people to be creative and to excel. We embrace a strong ethos of self-improvement, and we strongly advocate continuous education, mentoring and the attainment of industry recognised certification. Key to our success is our ability to attract, develop and grow our staff. We are open and proactive when it comes to the needs of our people, and individuals at all levels are given as much responsibility and empowerment as possible.

Sports & Social Club

All work and no play! We also have an active Sports & Social club, fully supported by the company. There are regular competitions, draws and nights out for all members and it is a great way to get to know your colleagues a little better.

  • We have partnered with I.T. Alliance on a number of major projects. Each time they have delivered on-time, in-budget and in our name across our blue chip client base"

    - Service Delivery Manager, BT

  • The cailbre of their people is what sets them apart - we can very quickly and easily flex up our teams with their industry gurus through partnering with I.T. Alliance."

    - Technical Deliver Manager, IBM

  • Attached at the hip! That’s how we describe our partnership with I.T. Alliance. They are there, in the background, delivering for us in our name. They don’t let us down."

    - Service Delivery Manager, HP