IT Contracting Services

We have now launched our dedicated I.T. Alliance Resourcing Services website. You can view our new website here.



Interim IT Staff – on demand. 

Ensuring availability of skills and resources at the right time can cause unnecessary pain for a lot of IT, HR and recruiting managers, especially with the current focus on keeping permanent headcount to a minimum. If there is a shortage of skilled resources available, critical projects and services are at risk.

The solution is Flexible Resourcing, which focuses on finding the right people to fill resource gaps for our Partners, their customers and other progressive organisations. It is a cost-effective way of ensuring access to multiple skill sets over a short period and adds competence and capability to projects and services.

Whether our partners and clients have a requirement for permanent roles, short-term or project assignments, our flexible resourcing engine can fulfil those needs quickly and efficiently.

This self-same resourcing engine is the one we use to staff our own assignments, following the same tried and trusted processes that deliver the appropriate candidates for your particular requirements.

The benefits of Flexible Resourcing include the fact that there is no impact on your permanent head count, and your HR and management overheads are not impacted. You also benefit from: 

  • Fast, reliable and flexible provision of specialist staff
  • Availability of the right staff at the right time
  • Access to a wealth of technical, service delivery, and project management skills and expertise
  • Ability to address temporary skills shortages, holiday leave and long-term absences
  • Reduced costs by moving from direct contract resources to managed contract services
  • Consolidated invoicing and cost management