Cloud Services

Public, Private or Hybrid…

Among most IT service providers and internal IT organisations, there is a tendency to approach cloud and virtualization from an overly technical perspective. This approach can often overlook the knock-on impacts to both the business and the IT organisation.

The unique selling point of our Cloud and Virtualization Services is our high-level programme approach, which ensures that the requirements of all stakeholders throughout the IT organisation and the business community are both identified and managed.

Our programme also covers the entire cloud and virtualization lifecycle. Not only do we include Programme and Project Management, but also technology selection, state inventory and analysis, virtual infrastructure build, migration planning and execution, and steady-state virtual datacenter operations.

I.T. Alliance has an established framework for cloud and virtualisation transformation projects. Generally, each project has three distinct phases: Assessment, Planning and Execution. The actual planning and execution activities are dependent on the business needs and services each client requires..

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