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Hybrid Cloud Solution in the Insurance Sector

IBM Internal Hybrid Cloud.pdf

Cloud & Server Virtualisation Services

Our Cloud and Server Virtualisation and Transformation Services help customers to structure their programmes according to established industry best practice, and to subsequently deliver physical and virtual migrations using a proven methodology.

Cloud and Virtualisation Services.pdf

Server Virtualisation Services

Server transformation through virtualisation provides improved cost of ownership and can deliver cost savings through a reduction in servers and resources, such as space, power and cooling.

I T Alliance - Solution Marketing - Server Virtualisation Services - Tier 1 Version - May 2014.pdf

IT Managed Service Transition

I.T. Alliance offer an industry-based best practice methodology for transitioning I.T. services to our Alliance Partners' brand, maintaining service levels while providing customer reassurance during the transition of services.

I T Alliance - Solution Marketing - IT Managed Service Transition - Tier 1 Version - May 2014.pdf

Outsourced IT Managed Services

Managed Service providers are increasingly placed under pressure by customers to lower their costs, while at the same time increase the value and quality of the services that they provide. The mantra "do more with less" is now becoming a customer expectation.

I T Alliance - Solution Marketing - Outsourced IT Managed Services - Tier 1 Version - May 2014.pdf

Flexible Resourcing Services

Ensuring the availability of skills and resources at the right time can cause unnecessary pain for a lot of I.T. managers, especially with the current focus on keeping permanent headcount to a minimum.

I T Alliance - Solution Marketing - Flexible Resourcing Services - Tier 1 Version - May 2014.pdf