Over 100 current job vacancies

Dublin, Wednesday, 10th August, 2016: Irish owned I.T. Alliance Group announces over 100 current job vacancies

One of the largest Irish owned technology companies,   I.T. Alliance Group has announced that it currently has 120 job open vacancies across its business operations. 65% of the positions are located in Ireland with the balance in the UK. The company also reports a significant increase in applications post Brexit from EU nationals currently working in the UK.

The job vacancies are across the full IT spectrum with infrastructure engineers, specifically SQL database specialists and project managers being the most sought after.  The roles are in I.T. Alliance’s core outsourcing business; its IT resourcing division, and its cloud transformation and support subsidiary, Auxilion.

Based on an analysis of 180 recent job applications either side of the Brexit referendum date, the company also reports that applications from EU nationals working in the UK trebled following the leave outcome.  In the three months up to the Brexit referendum, the group received 10 applications from EU nationals in the UK.  After June 23rd this number jumped to 30 within two weeks.

“The Brexit result appears to have caused uncertainty and unease amongst a number of EU nationals working in the UK, even though these are highly skilled people who one would have expected that the UK would be keen to retain post Brexit,” commented Dara Mullen, Director, People & Talent, I.T. Alliance Group. “A significant number of candidates specifically mentioned in their application concerns around Brexit as a motivation to relocate to Ireland.”

She added, “It’s not yet clear how the Brexit negotiations will pan out for EU nationals working there but the referendum result could represent a significant opportunity for Ireland’s indigenous and multinational tech sector where demand for personnel remains buoyant.”

I.T. Alliance Group says that there is particularly strong demand for Microsoft SQL production engineers due increasing adoption of Microsoft cloud computing and cloud services applications. In addition, the company reports widespread demand for project managers, particularly technical project managers across the UK and Ireland.  

I.T. Alliance Group,which employs over 500 people across its Irish and UK business, is one of Ireland’s largest indigenous technology companies. Founded in 1997, its core business is as an outsourcing partner to household names across the world’s biggest IT outsourcing companies.

In September 2011, the company launched its I.T. contracting wing, I.T. Alliance Resourcing Services, which provides temporary contractors, permanent placements and executive search services for a range of positions from project managers to CIO/CTOs.

In 2012, the group launched Auxilion, an international cloud transformation and cloud computing support company, which now employs 80 people, providing 24x7 cloud services to UK, Irish and international corporates.

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