New Virtualization Division

It is a strategic part of the I.T. Alliance model that we invest to extend our Tier 1 alliance partners delivery capabilities. Once again we are living up to our promise to alliance partners by investing in the creation of a new division specialising in server virtualization.

Server Virtualization offers a way to safely put more than one operating system or instance of an operating system (or virtual server) on one piece of hardware by isolating each operating system from any others running on the box. Essentially, you are establishing a bunch of sandboxes on one piece of hardware. If one of the virtual servers crashes, hard or soft, it will have no impact on any of the others on the box. Hardware resources are better used since, rather than having 10 independent servers running at 10 percent utilization each, you can have 2 running 5 virtual servers each for a total of 50 percent utilization per box. Better still, if a virtual server require more resources, it can easily and instantly be moved to a machine that offers more, often live and transparently to its end users.

Significant savings in licensing, hardware and operating costs can be achieved as well as better resource utilization, more reliability, and greater flexibility.

I.T. Alliance has hired a number of leading virtualisation experts and is supporting our alliance partners in the design and implementation of virtualization strategies for alliance partner clients.