HP Social Innovation Project

I.T. Alliance Group has been appointed to provide project management and support services to assist HP with the expansion of its sustainability and social innovation initiative, HP LIFE. HP LIFE is a training program for students, entrepreneurs and small business owners to develop essential IT and business skills to create jobs and grow new companies in many parts of the world. 

Approximately 2m students worldwide have benefited from HP LIFE’s face-to-face training initiative through training, access to IT and online activities. HP has invested more than $20 million in the programme, which helped to establish or expand more than 25,000 businesses and helped create 57,000 jobs worldwide since 2007(1). It is an important part of HP’s Social Innovation programme.

I.T. Alliance Group is assisting HP with project management and support services for the expansion of the program online into a HP hybrid Converged Cloud infrastructure. The online training program for students, aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners has grown since its beta launch in June 2012 with approximately more than 40,000 registered users in over 200 countries.  

Pictured: Mr. Philip Maguire, CEO I.T. Alliance Group

I.T. Alliance Group commenced work on the programme in July 2011, helping HP hit a number of aggressive milestones against a tight timeframe. Since the successful launch of the beta, I.T. Alliance Group has been working as part of the virtual team across nine countries including Germany, UK and US on the rollout and next generation release of HP LIFE.

“It is a great honour as an Irish firm to be selected to assist HP in this fantastic endeavour,” commented Philip Maguire, Chief Executive Officer, I.T. Alliance Group. 

"With the help of partners like I.T. Alliance, we have successfully moved the HP LIFE program to the cloud, where it can benefit even more people”, commented Daniela Opp, Manager, Global Entrepreneurship Education, Sustainability & Social Innovation, HP.

I.T. Alliance Group was founded in 1997 and has a workforce of 430. Its core competencies include project management and support services; IT managed services, testing and collaboration. It specialises in providing outsourced IT services to the world’s leading outsourcers.